2015-2017 Committees
Baltimore Metropolitan Alumnae


Membership Committee Chairs and Co-Chairs


Public Service Committee Chairs and Co-Chairs

Arts and Letters Sharon Webb, Chair

Taifa Coger, Co-Chair

Courtesy Alicia White, Coordinator
Delta D.E.A.R.S. Velma Hicks, Coordinator
Dr. Betty Shabazz Academy Cassandra Moore-Thomas, Chair

Carolyn Sally, Co-Chair

Kim Bradley, Co-Chair

Dr. Jeanne L. Noble Delta GEMS Torena Brown, Chair

Brittiany Bolden, Co-Chair

Early Childhood Education Doris Jackson, Chair

Brenda Hubbard, Co-Chair

Sheila Eley, Co-Chair

Educational Development Alita Walker, Chair

Veronica Menefee, Co-Chair

Arnita Grant, Co-Chair

Economic Development Stephanie Berry , Chair

Tammy Mays, Co-Chair

Michelle Lewis, Co-Chair

EMBODI Kathie McLaughlin, Chair

Kimberly Lyles, Co-Chair

Gail Mayfield, Co-Chair

Finance Tary Scroggins, Chair
Founders Day Ramona Williams, Chair

Joanne Robinson, Co-Chair

Fundraising Tracy Givens, Chair

Angela Ayers Ramsey, Chair

Heritage and Archives Stephanie Lee, Chair
Hospitality Barbara Peoples, Coordinator
Internal Audit Stephanie Berry, Chair
International Awareness & Involvement Ramona Harrison-Hardy, Chair

Stacey Nance, Co-Chair

May Week Valerie Allen, Chair

Angela Whitaker, Co-Chair

Membership Schelli Collins, Chair
Newsletter Patricia Hodge-Mack, Chair

Shauntell Campbell, Co-Chair

Nominating Kimberly Lyles, Chair
Pan Hellenic Council Reps Linda Little

Verna Holland

Cynthia Horton

Physical and Mental Health Kim Knight, Chair

Lashaunna Lipscomb, Co-Chair

Policies and Procedures Cynthia Horton, Chair

LaKeisha McClendon, Co-Chair

Program Planning & Development Patsy Nwagbaraocha, Chair

Joanne Robinson, Co-Chair

Beverly James, Co-Chair

Project 13 Dawn Ward, Coordinator
Project A.C.E. Justine Johnson, Co-Chair
Publicity & Public Relations Sherita Thomas, Chair

Danielle Robinson-Jones, Co-Chair

Reclamation Cynthia Horton, Chair
Risk Management Joanne Robinson, Co-Chair

Stephanie Lee, Co-Chair

RitualĀ  & Ceremonies Ramona Williams, Chair
Scholarship B. Maria Hopewell, Chair

Beverly Pollard, Co-Chair

Social Action (Political Awareness & Involvement) Nicole Brown, Chair

Deniece McClure, Co-Chair

TAS Force (Tell a Soror) Valerie Allen, Coordinator
Technology Martina Cameron, Chair

Kena Jackson, Webmaster